Lite links: traveling with a toddler, managing time away from work, and small living

For your lite adventuring pleasure, here are some articles on travel and minimalism to wind down the weekend and gear up for another exciting week.  Happy reading everyone!

Minimal travel packing with a toddler

Many of you have kids.  You’re probably reading my articles and thinking that there’s no way a person can travel like this with children in tow.  Mrs. Lite Adventurer and I are intentionally and very happily child-free, so for you readers with families, I provide the above link where Sherry of Save, Spend, & Splurge discusses how she travels with a toddler and is still able to pack everything into a single piece of luggage and a small purse.  Sherry’s a bad ass traveler and you can be too!


What you’re truly saying with your out-of-office reply

Some tips and thoughts on how to manage your correspondences when you’re away from the office.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vacation, I completely cut myself off from work.  It’s not a real holiday if you’re tethered to your phone the whole time.  Yuck.


Want to be happier?  Live in a small house

I can totally relate to this.  My lite, minimalistic style is not limited to my travels; it’s something that I strive for at home and at work as well.  A little under 2 years ago, I bought a house that is a hair over 1000 square feet in size, and it has thus far been an excellent decision.  It has all the space we need & is very easy to clean and maintain.  Best of all, it frees up a bunch of extra cash that we’re not spending on housing costs for the luxuries that are truly important to us:  travel and financial independence.


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