Lite links – September 10, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! Below are some good reads to peruse as you wind down your weekend.  Thoughts go out to everyone in the Caribbean and Florida in the path of the storm.  Stay safe and please keep track of your small furry friends!

Travel more with less by Courtney Carver.  This was written a little while back, but all the advice still holds true now.  Courtney authors an excellent minimalism blog called Be More With Less that I’ve been following for the better part of the decade.  Lots of great stuff on her site.

Save your sanity.  Downgrade your life. by Pamela Paul.  A position that goes against the grain of modern society.  Over the years, I’ve sold or donated most of my electronic gadgets and haven’t missed them a bit, though I’m still more connected at times than I’d like.  When you’re traveling for pleasure, keep it lite and leave what you don’t need at home.

Two online entrepreneurs travel & work from off grid van conversion.  by Kimberley Mok.  I’m not sure I would ever want to live on a vehicle (I have a thing with tiny bathrooms that lack privacy), but what this couple did with this van is pretty awesome.


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