Lite links – October 8, 2017

I love browsing online and reading about other people’s insights on various topics related to travel and simplicity.  There’s always stuff to learn.  As you wrap up your weekend, here are a few articles I came across recently that I found particularly interesting.  Happy weekend all!


This 13 year old built his own tiny house.  So cool.  It never would have occurred to me at age 13 to attempt to build something like this for myself.  Good for him for getting outside and learning some skills.

The best gas station coffee in every state.  Also, the cleanest gas station bathrooms in every state.  Road trippers take note.

Sleep should be prescribed.  I often wonder if this is an issue specific to American/western culture or if it’s present all over the world.  I’m a big proponent of getting lots of sleep (Mrs. Lite Adventurer can attest to my love for daytime naps), and it’s not surprising that people who shortchange themselves on getting their z’s end up with health issues.  This is yet another benefit of living a life of simplicity; when you minimize your responsibilities, you end up with all kinds of free time to do whatever you want, including getting a relaxing night of sleep.

The man who had people worried about a Sept 23 apocalypse is peddling a new doomsday date.  Caution people:  if you’re traveling next weekend, be on the lookout!  I love reading about charlatans like this jackass and the people gullible enough to believe their jackassdom.  Things don’t go as planned?  Well then just conjure up another make-believe story.  The new doomsday is October 15.  That’s next weekend.  I’ve got my milk, bread, and Rambo knife ready.  Let’s do this.


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