Lite links – October 22, 2017

Hope all you readers have had a good week so far.  Listed below are my usual interesting reads for your perusal during your downtime this weekend.  Enjoy!


The 20 most isolated places on Earth.  I find these places fascinating.  On the list, I’ve been to Easter Island, which hardly seems isolated compared to some of the other places due to the fact that it has its own airport.  I think Tristan da Cunha would be an interesting place to visit; maybe the opportunity will arise for me one day.

The worst tourist trap in every state.  I’m not sure exactly how they define “worst” here, but I’ll be honest; I’d love to visit every one of these sites.  I’m even a big fan of the cheesy stuff like the world’s biggest ball of twine.  Love it.

Swedish death cleaning is the new decluttering trend.  A rather morbid topic, but something worth thinking about.  Ideally, the further along you are in life, the more you recognize the importance of people and events over stuff.  Sadly, the actual reality is far different for most people, and they end up dumping all their trash onto their loved ones.

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