Lite links – November 4, 2017

A couple of interesting destination-specific links today for your reading pleasure.  Have an enjoyable Sunday everyone!

Australia to ban climbing on Uluru from 2019.  This is a controversial issue with lots of opinions depending on who you talk to.  When I visited Australia in 2009, I did choose to climb Uluru, and it was one of the most memorable highlights of the trip.  Given the choice, I’d do it again without hesitation.  But I understand why some people are against it.  It is a really cool hike, so if you want to do it, the clock is ticking.

Scientists say they’ve found hidden space in Great Pyramid of Giza.  So fascinating that they continue finding out new information on a monument that has stood for thousands of years.  The several vacations I have coming up are in the United States, but within the next year, my big international travel goal is to see Egypt and its many ancient structures.


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