Lite links – November 26, 2017

Hope everyone had a great turkey day!  If you’ve polished off Thanksgiving leftovers and finished putting the tree up, enjoy the following links as your long weekends come to a close.  Happy Sunday everyone!


Rules about American travel to Cuba.  It was unfortunate to learn that the current administration is tightening up the restrictions on travel to Cuba for American citizens.  A small group of us was planning on checking out Cuba sometime next year, so we’ll have to do some research way in advance to see if it’s still doable.  I think as long as you go with a reputable tour company, it’s still all good.

5 rules for a really good trip with the kids.  I’m just gonna leave this here for all you brave travelers with young children since I’m childfree and hopefully staying that way.  More power to you… I don’t think I could do it, especially anything involving long airplane rides.

My hobo travel persona.  Totally agree with this, though it’s really easier for me since I’m a guy.  I don’t look like a complete bum when I’m traveling, but it’s definitely on the casual side.  You’re probably never gonna see those people ever again, so might as well be comfortable.

10 things you notice when you travel in your 30s.  I’ve definitely noticed a big difference in my travel during my 20s vs my 30s.  Piece of advice:  travel as much as you possibly can when you’re in your 20s and still have a gigantic physiologic reserve.


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