Lite links – December 3, 2017

Happy weekend everyone!  On today’s Lite Links, thinking twice about selfies, a place where random cats walk all over you, and two dumbasses who got caught with their pants down.  Enjoy!

Volunteering abroad?  Read this before you post that selfie.  We’ve all seen this on social media.  Plenty of you probably even know someone close who’s done this.  A thought provoking article.

Welcome to paradise:  Hawaiian cat sanctuary.  Haven’t been to Hawaii yet, but when I go, I’d love to hang out here for an hour or two.  Look at all the cute kitties!

Americans arrested in Thailand for exposing themselves at religious temple.

You know what… just leave them in prison for a while.  Otherwise they won’t learn anything.



  1. PwedePadala

    December 5, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    I’m not a fan of selfie but will do if I need to change my profile photo (of more than a year) because the places I visit are more interesting.
    So it’s not surprising to see cellphones made for taking selfies. I hope people will be more mindful not to get hurt (watch the step, cliff, train etc.) or hurt others including culture of another country. Respect is universal. Be cultured and matured.

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