Lite links – December 17, 2017

On this weekend’s lite links, a story about stolen luggage, changes in rules regarding flight fees, the death of an icon, and a great article on photography if you’re in the market for a new travel camera.  Have a great pre-holiday weekend!

Lessons learned after my carry on bag was stolen.  Easy solution for this author:  don’t travel with a bag full of super expensive belongings.  Other than a cell phone, which shouldn’t be in your luggage to begin with, you don’t need any of that other stuff.

DOT suspends proposed rule requiring airlines to show baggage fee at booking.  Yet another good reason to ditch the big bag and travel with only a small carry-on.  Shady sons of bitches.

AOL Instant Messenger dead at 20.  AIM holds a dear place in my heart.  Back before normal people owned cell phones and way before anything resembling social media, this was how us old folk used to communicate with one another.  It was especially useful for keeping in touch with people from your travels who lived in other countries.

Thom Hogan:  End of the year reader challenge.  This is one of the best articles on the topic of photography I’ve read all year.  Thom Hogan’s website is my overall favorite photography site because of stuff like this.  Want your pictures to look better?  Read this before you drop a bag of cash on your next camera.


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